Who We Serve

Quality Connections Magazine’s primary advertising base is comprised of locally owned businesses

Each issue, the pages of Quality Connections are filled with community restaurants, shops, professional services, home and garden products and services, and fun family entertainment opportunities

And, while the businesses vary, there are some common threads among them

-They are companies that target direct consumer clients.
-They often sell products and/or services targeted to homeowners.
-They want to put their message in a medium that is family oriented.
-They like the idea of an affordable yet very effective means of advertising, the results of which can be measured.
-They value the fact that their advertising message helps to beat the odds by being delivered directly to the mailboxes of local homeowners.
-They are proud to be a part of the attractive image of their local Quality Connections Magazine.
-They understand that our special target market pricing allows them the consistency required to build market recognition for long-term sales and revenue growth.
-They are often better technicians and business owners than marketers.