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Baking Their Way into the Hearts of the Denver Metro: Meet Mo and Omar

Mar 7, 2022

“Now the son of the Donut House, has become a father himself. He has created The Donut House here in Parker, to pass on the tradition of donuts, and family, to his own son someday.”

A Baker and His Son

I’m a sucker for sweets and a sweet story, and this one is a good one. A baker and his son combine passion and grit to form a donut dynasty in their home state of Colorado. Mo and his Dad, Omar, opened their first location in 2009. They worked tirelessly for three years. Twelve hour shifts, no days off. Day in and day out, Mo and Omar were pushing towards their dreams and all the while perfecting the artistry of donut making.

And it shows. 11 years later, they now have 9 locations, and are the winners of numerous awards, including “Best Donut in Denver”, for my personal favorite, the cinnamon crumb donut. It’s this amazing cinnamon coated sugar donut topped with a cream cheese frosting. The moment I tasted it, I immediately closed my eyes to savor every moment. The Donut House is simply on another level in regards to breakfast pastries. All of the donuts at any Donut House are baked fresh daily using recipes that were hand crafted by the father-son duo.

Their motto is “Come in a customer, and leave a friend.” Their hospitality and customer service makes The Donut House truly our hometown treasure. I have spent many mornings in their Parker location, and my favorite sight to see is when a neighborhood child’s eyes light up with overwhelming excitement as their parent asks them to pick a donut. It is the exact kind of joy and optimism that the world needs right now; and all thanks to the effort of two hometown bakers that baked their way to the top of our hearts, Mo and Omar.

Check out their website for more details on the best donuts in the Denver-Metro: https://thedonuthouse.com/

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