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Introducing Smoky Hill Indian Cuisine

Jul 18, 2022

Dev Bhattarai started out as a journalist in Nepal. When he came to Colorado him and his wife opened a restaurant in Colorado Springs which his wife still manages.

With more than a decade of experience Dev opened the restaurant in December of 2021. Since then it’s be rated the Best of Town for vegan foo and rated the Best Indian Food in Aurora. As a hands-on owner; he works in his Indian kitchen every day.

Dev knows how good his Indian food his food is, yet he insists on the customers doing all the talking for him. Check out his very good Google reviews and Next-Door Neighbor. With just one visit you can see how authentic his Indian kitchen is. The food is cooked fresh daily. The Naan is made of fresh dough every morning and baked in a fire clay oven similar to a ceramic kiln.

Dev says his chefs are trained to cook traditional Indian food and are passionate about their creations. They serve hot and spicy, too! The menu includes vegan dishes. Owner recommendations include: Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Lamb Curry, Paneer Tikka Masala, eggplant Bhattarai, Shrimp Vindaloo, Salmon Korma. And for dessert Kheer (rice pudding).

Dev remodeled the restaurant completely after he bought it. The restaurant has a peaceful, happy ambiance. It’s decorated with bright orange and lime green paint with pictures of Nepal. While you eat you can enjoy breathtaking videos of Nepal on big screen TVs featuring mountains, native inhabitants, and the villages of Nepal.

Dev has three goals in mind. Serving the best Indian food in town, helping orphaned Nepal children with education and shelter. The other one is taking a group of customers to his homeland and showing them the mountains, trails, and bee hunting. Why bees?

Bees are a crucial component to our food. They pollinate our food supply, moving pollen from plant to plant. Unfortunately, they are under threat from climate change pesticides, and the giant hornet.

Here are a few reasons to check out Smoky Hill Indian Cuisine. good prices, awesome food, great ambience, good portion sizes, and great customer service at the top-rated Indian restaurant.

Dev offers a VIP card. This allows you to get free priority seating and 5 to 15% off your meals. You can book your next business meeting at Smoky Hill Indian Cuisine, too.

Smoky Hill Indian
22942 E. Smoky Hill Road
Aurora, CO 80016
Open every day 11:30 am- 9:00pm
Next to the Rock Restaurant & Bar
Visit the Smoky Hill Indian Cuisine Website!


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