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Feb 14, 2023

Taking Your At-Home Office To The Great Outdoors

With the onset of the pandemic, we see more people working from home than ever before, and we have seen a huge shift in how people utilize their outdoor living space. Moreover, the exterior has become an extension of the interior and is being used in similar ways, with separate gathering areas for eating or lounging, outdoor kitchens, and even outdoor office spaces. More than ever, there is a desire for outdoor work zones that enable an efficient work environment with all the necessary connections for laptops, oversized monitors, and even printers. We are even seeing mini-office sheds pop up in backyards around Colorado which are allowing at-home work while enjoying the quiet seclusion and serene outdoors.


Our team helps many homeowners make the most of their available space whether it is indoors or out. If you are ready to plan a functional workspace for your outdoor design, we can accommodate a “work zone” that is specially designed with shade for reduced sun glare, power for laptops, and a seating area that will give enough room for an office chair. We understand the current trend towards transforming outdoor areas into functional living spaces and we will help make your dreams come true through expert design and construction advice.

Your Trusted Parker, CO Local Builder

“Mark and his team replaced our back, side, upper and front decks in early 2022 and we love the results. The new decks have no maintenance (i.e. annual sanding and repainting) and they look great. They are much more functional and spacious. They are also better built than the old decks they replaced.”
Ken N

Ultimately, when it comes to redesigning or building dream outdoor spaces M2 Services is your go-to partner – Get in touch today!

If you are interested in an estimate on your next home upgrade, visit M2BuildingPros.com or call Mark at 303-501-5479.


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