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Mark Your Calendar For Our Not So Secret Back Alley Social!

Sep 27, 2022

Join us for our first ever back alley party! We’ll have live music, craft beer, hard seltzer, pickle shots, food, live art and much more!

Event Details: All Ages Welcome

Location: Back Alley of 5610 Yukon Street. Enter through Elevated Seltzer or the alley way.
Date: 10/15/2022
Time: 3pm-10pm
Price: Free to enter. Drinks and food are available to be purchased. Not outside food/beverages allowed.
Bands: Silver & Smoke, Soul Solum, Musuji, Electric Cherry and More!
Hard Seltzer: Elevated Seltzer
Craft Beer: Wibby Brewing
Pickle Shots: Dirty Dill
Food: Pizza & Small Items

All drinks must be purchased by a token which will be given to you at one of our ticketing booths. You’ll receive a 21+ wrist band. Drinks range from $5-$8.

Food can be purchased via credit card or cash.

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