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The Process of Healing Yourself – Leanna Organics

Dec 13, 2021

Healing is a process of shedding the layers of anything that is not unconditional love.

Our friends at Leanna Organics have been helping people by educating them about the amazing benefits of CBD and by providing world-class hemp and CBD products. In a recent article by Leanna Organics, they explain that when you are ready to put an end to suffering, know that you have all tools within to not only heal yourself but to live the life that you desire.

Read more about Leanna Organics and the process of healing yourself.

So what does becoming your own healer look like?

Contemplating negative patterns and discovering what events in your past created that program to exist in the first place. Observing yourself becoming triggered and wanting to react, but instead pausing before you respond. The following modalities can be utilized as a tool to discovering the healer within:

  • building a relationship with your body
  • self-love practices
  • surrendering to your emotions
  • journaling

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