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6 Improvements that Make Your Home Life Better

Jan 24, 2022

Haven’t You Thought About it Long Enough?

Home is where the heart is, and you should love spending time in and around it. Below are a list of 6 LOCALLY OWNED companies that can help you fall in love with being at home.

1. Mile High Hot Tub

It’s time to pull the trigger on the hot tub. Not only would you be able to relax luxuriously, but also, spending time in hot water can boost your immune system. Talk about a win win! Mile High Hot Tub offer outdoor spas for as low as $56 a month. Drop by their showroom, and Kyler will show you amazing options for your newest night cap.


2. Sky High Construction and Stone Fabrication

Your home is your sanctuary, and it should feel like one. Sky High Construction can make that happen. These local professionals have been beautifying homes for over 30 years. They specialize in quartz/granite fabrication and installation, as well as cabinets, wood floors, and ceramic tiles. They sky is the limit for your space. It’s time to LOVE YOUR HOME.

3. Budget Blinds

Renovate your natural lighting and ambiance by stepping up your window treatments. Budget Blinds has been proudly serving local homes in Parker and Aurora-South since 2007. They offer tons options for blinds, shutters, shades, and more, and their affordability makes them the best in the game.

4. Closet Factory

Its amazing how simple organization can seem to declutter your brain. These closet creators should be referred to as nothing less than life changers. Feeling great about how you look starts within your closet. Get your coupon from Quality Connections Magazine, and leave the work to the professionals. Trust me, your brain will thank you.

5. Everstone

We all know the importance of a first impression. Ugly concrete can tarnish the value and feel of your home from the very start. This company can change that. Everstone specializes in patios, front walkways and garage floors, not to mention, they are offering $200.00 off through Quality Connections Magazine. Don’t let your walk ways be memorable for all the wrong reasons. Your home deserves a good first impression. Your home deserves good concrete.

6. All Aspect Painting

If you are anything like me, painting always feels like a good idea, until you are actually doing it. Leave the ambiance upgrade to the professionals. All Aspects Painting can revamp any room, cabinets or outdoor space. Allow them to do the DIY so that you can give yourself and your eyes some TLC.

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