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Supporting Small Businesses in Parker and Aurora: You’ll be Dreaming of Dough Dreamery

Feb 7, 2022

We all know that licking the bowl is the best part of any baking venture. Melissa and her team of dough experts at Dough Dreamery will have you asking yourself why you ever baked the cookies in the first place.

The Shop of Her Dreams

Melissa launched the dessert shop of her dreams in 2017 after a successful career as a chiropractor. Initially her business was just online and at various local craft shows, however, after much hard work, it was time to expand. In August of 2019, The Dough Dreamery was born in the heart of Parker, on the north-east side of main street.

All of the dough Melissa makes is both edible and bakable. She also offers cookie dough “cake” pops and the most delicious cream cheese frosting you will ever taste. Whether you want a cookie dough milk shake, or a cream cheese frosting filled cookie sandwich, Dough Dreamery will make you rethink how you do dessert.

A Dreamy Experience

Walking into Dough Dreamery for the first time, we couldn’t believe our eyes. It felt so wrong, but tasted so right. So far we have tried the peanut butter, chocolate chip, blueberry almond, sugar cookie, and the cake batter cookie doughs. Never again will we have to pretend to be baking just to eat the dough.

Thank you to Melissa for chasing her dreams and for making our dessert dreams come true!

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