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Monsoon: Taking Indian Food by Storm in Southeast Aurora

May 2, 2022

In very few instances of my life have I ever considered take out food to be Earth shattering. It’s usually overly humid, slightly soggy, or completely dried out and flavorless. But then again, good home cooking has always spoiled my taste buds. Maybe that’s why Monsoon has had such an all encompassing effect on my weekly eating habits. Yes, I said weekly. I have no shame. Monsoon has changed the game, upped the bar, and all while taking extra precautions to protect their staff and community during COVID-19.

You see, as other restaurants have flung open their doors and claimed safety and service as their top priority, Monsoon has completely suspended dine in services. Their carry-out and delivery team features loyal employees running masked and gloved from cars to houses to deliver the same delectable food, in an even safer fashion. Despite the tempting dollar signs surrounding allowing the community back within it’s doors, Monsoon continues to stand strong as a defender of the public heath. And did I mention they are eco-friendly? All of their bags, straws, and togo wear are all natural and easily recyclable/decomposable.

Hand Crafted by Experts

On top of being run by thoughtful and considerate humans, their food will have you second guessing every Indian meal you have ever known. Did you know that most Indian restaurants use dye in their food to make it more appealing? I didn’t, and Monsoon does not. Every dish, side, or drink is hand crafted in an authentic fashion by home grown Indian cuisine experts, and boy, do they know what they are doing. Their sauces are made over the course of several days and they consistently bring flavor to a whole new level. Their masala sauce has me permanently captivated by food cravings. I find myself thinking of it randomly throughout the day. It’s safe to say that in a very short time, I have become a Monsoon addict. So, in the hopes of sharing my addiction with the world, I have compiled a list of my favorite dishes at this Indian Cuisine GIANT.

**Warning: some viewers may find the following words deliciously graphic and appetizing.**

1. Samosa Minis– Tiny crisp pastries of goodness, stuffed with spiced potatoes, carrots, and mushrooms served with their creamy masala sauce. It’s a classy hot pocket that feels both fancy and deliciously familiar.

2. Chicken Pakora– Gluten friendly, hand breaded, perfectly created spiced chicken. Served with a side of tangy tamarind chutney (a cold brewed sauce, slow extracted from tamarind seed and mindfully created over many days) and mint chutney.


3. Tamarind Wings – Never-fried, 100% mesquite charcoal fired-baked wings, tossed in their signature tangy, tamarind chutney. I have personally watched a large man demolish these wings on the patio of Bent Barely in a matter of seconds. At first I judged his sauce covered self, but then I tried them. Once again, game changing.


4. Chicken Tikka Masala – Chicken curry with subtle hints of tomatoes and cream, giving it a richer taste and texture. It features their traditional tandoori chicken. This a marinated, skewered, and fired chicken that is both smoky and incredibly moist.

5. Naan – Made simply of flour, milk, water, oil, and salt, and baked literally on the walls of their clay ovens, naan is a Monsoon staple. It perfectly accompanies any meal and comes in savory flavors that fit every taste bud. Kids tend to especially love the cheesy naan, but personally, I can’t get enough of the Special Naan which is a mix of cheddar jack cheese, garlic, and cilantro that will make you forever wanting more.


6. Chicken Korma – Gluten friendly, fresh cream and spices with coconut, ground almonds and cashews in rich curry. A perfect blend of rich and creamy, that is sure to leave you dreaming.

7. Fiery Vindaloo – Spice warning! Hot enough to make you sweat, but good enough to make you want every last bite. It’s a homestyle curry with clay oven fired potatoes, lime, garlic and a special spice blend that creates the
perfectly balanced, spicy, signature vindaloo. Served with a side of raita which is like a cucumber yogurt sauce.

For more information, or if you are suddenly overtaken by hunger and need to order now, visit https://monsoonsouthlands.com. And as always, remember to support local businesses like Monsoon. Together we are stronger.

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