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The Parker, Colorado Small Business that Offers Hope-Enchanted Herbs

Apr 18, 2022

Nestled on the main drag of Parker Road, next to a pawn shop, sits a business founded on the goal of giving people their lives back. It’s name is Enchanted Herbs Tea & Kratom. And despite what might first come to mind, Enchanted Herbs is not a dispensary. It more resembles a holistic pharmacy that primarily features one proclaimed life changing component, a simple tree leaf, also known as kratom.

Kratom, has been culturally used in South-east Asia for over a century. It is described as a neurostimulant used by farmers to increase productivity, and healers to decrease pain, increase energy, and sociability. The leaf is traditionally consumed either by chewing or by grinding into a powder and then blending with a juice, or made into a tea. And it is now being used by Coloradans everywhere who once struggled with opioid addiction, depression, anxiety and beyond. Kratom has been a key player in the opioid pandemic because it works on similar neuro-receptors that block out pain. However it’s list of experienced user benefits extends far beyond.

To find out more about this magical leaf, I sat down with Beau Dumas, one of the shop’s founders. Beau said that his inspiration for the shop was his own struggle with pain and opioid addiction. Kratom changed everything for Beau. He said it offered him an instant relief and mood boost and finally allowed him to end his cycle with toxic and dangerous drugs. Most importantly, Kratom offered Beau hope and gave him his life back. Out of gratitude and a will to help others in the same situation, Enchanted Herbs Tea and Kratom was founded.

Enchanted Herbs features guaranteed pure and ethically sourced Kratom along with CBD and other holistic products. It also features a knowledgeable staff that can walk you through exactly how kratom can help change your life or the life of someone you love. With the new year offers a new opportunity to claim back some of the live’s big pharma has tried to swindle away from us. And thanks to the knowledge at this locally owned Parker store, many now stand a fighting chance.

For more information about Enchanted Herbs Teas and Kratom, click here.


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