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Niche and Company

Sep 20, 2021

A Closer Look at Parker’s Very Own Niche and Company

If you’re looking for last minute gift ideas for the loved ones in your life, or amazing home decor to spice up your world, you would be remised to look past Parker’s very own Niche and Company. Niche and Company is a Colorado, veteran owned and operated, home and gift boutique that is doing more than simply stocking their shelves. Founded by Jon and April in 2016, Niche and Co landed in Parker, Colorado during the heart of the 2020 pandemic. Despite the obvious challenges of hosting grand openings during unprecedented times, Niche and Co is a mindfully created, artisan dream land that seems to get better with every visit.

From the moment you walk in, your eyes and body will dart and wander in every direction. Their eclectic taste and style features everything from custom furniture, gourmet foods/hot sauces, bar supplies, art, linens, mattresses, health and beauty, and even kids decor and toys. The kid’s decor is one of my favorite things in their shop. I love the oversized stuffed (cloth) animal heads on the wall that look like they are straight out of a fairy tale. They also have a ton of unique aviation gifts for the explorer in your life. Given that both Jon and April are former helicopter pilots for the armed forces, it seems only fitting that their shop is a great mix between wanderlust and home grown comfort.

The content in their store is more than a pinterest dream gone wild. Jon and April have made local sourcing a priority. When possible they feature vendors from the community such as Lisa’s Lovely Design bath line, Rogue Chef’s gourmet food products, and Rose and Reed Jewelry. And when they can’t get it from near by, they ship it from within the U.S. So when you shop with Niche and Company, you know that your dollars are going back to the city and country you love.

As this holiday season comes to a close and you rush to check off every item on your list, remember that you are buying more than a gift. Gifting from shops within the community supports your neighbors, your town, and your country. Gift locally today for a brighter tomorrow. Give to yourself, give to your community. Give a gift from Niche and Company. For more gift ideas visit them virtually at https://thenicheandco.com/ or in person at 12227 Pine Bluffs Way, Parker, Colorado.

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