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Ruby’s Market

Oct 4, 2021

Your Holiday Hub for Conscious Gift Giving in Denver

As the holiday season is kicked off in full this weekend, I’d like to urge each of you to engage in at least one form of conscious gift giving. Conscious gift giving is gifting a present that is sourced locally and made by workers who are compensated fairly for it. The reason that this is necessary is because where you spend your money determines who lives in this dog eat dog economy. In fact, while we were stuck at home, and our local retail stores struggled to survive, big box stores like Amazon and Target raked in new record breaking profits. If this trend continues, we run the risk of losing businesses that put humanity above wealth. In an effort to connect you to a company that has both amazing gift ideas and a giant heart for humans, I’d like to tell you about my recent trip to Ruby’s Market. https://rubysmarketdenver.com/

Opened during the heart of the pandemic, Ruby’s Market is Denver’s very own non profit boutique. They are on a mission to provide multicultural artisan products that support refugee, immigrant, and indigenous entrepreneurs both locally and in impoverished areas of the World. What started as a traveling trade show pop up, this benevolent hub is located on iconic Pearl Street in Denver, Colorado, and provides a home for work from women who are fighting to get their families out poverty. This concept is often referred to as fair trade. Basically, all artists are worked with directly when possible, and paid sustainable wages for their products. Through fair trade, otherwise neglected groups of people filled with talented individuals, are offered an opportunity to free themselves from dangerous work environments, child labor, and ultimately build a better life.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the shop’s founder Michelle, who took me on a tour and told me story after story behind each creation. As I looked around, every inch of the space was filled with unique products made by real women, alive right now, that are struggling every day just to fill their basic needs. It was the exact reality check that I had needed. During CO-VID it became very easy to only think of myself and my loved ones. Yet, the ornate contents of the shop before me were made by women who knew struggle and created something beautiful in spite of it. Each potential purchase held a story, and a person who wouldn’t be able to tell it without a place like Ruby’s Market.

Everything from meal kits, to jewelry, and decor Ruby’s Market features mindful hand-crafted gifts for almost anyone in your life. It’s gift giving in the most selfless form. Not only do you get to give something meaningful to someone special in your life, but you also know that your investment went to a human who needs it. To me, there is no better way to honor the spirit of the holidays.

So as you buy gift after gift this year for those in your circle, remember who you are truly investing in. Each dollar you spend supports someone. Use your hard earned money to back the good guys. The ones looking out for the less fortunate. Shop local, and give a gift from Ruby’s Market. Click https://www.facebook.com/rubysmarketdenver to follow them on Facebook so that even when the season of giving is over, your chance to support them is never forgotten. For more information on fair trade and what you can do to help, please visit https://www.FairTradeFederation.org.

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