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Advertising Small Business Colorado: Why All Forms of Marketing Are NOT Created Equal

Nov 1, 2021

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Being a small business in this day and age is tough. Not to mention promoting your small business is outrageously confusing and frustrating. There is a constant need to do better, or do more, and it often leaves business owners feeling drained and discouraged. So today, we have decided to break down various forms of marketing so that business owners can have a better idea of how to best promote their hometown dreams.

1. Google and SEO

We hear of local companies all the time that pay big bucks for some techie to better promote their business on google. In our opinion, this is a cash cow for the tech industry that monopolizes on our lack of understanding. The way that google works is that it uses key words, phrases, and location to pair the user with their desired search results. If you google your business location and services, and your company does not does not pop up, it can easily be fixed by setting up a google my business account FOR FREE. And, this platform takes you step by step. Click here for more information.

The other way that search engine optimization (SEO) is used is to add key words to the content of your website to create an increased likelihood of your site being in the search results. This is not worth a monthly fee because once your SEO’s or key words are fixed, you will likely pop up in front of your desired customer. If you are paying more than a one time fee, you may be being duped for work that no longer needs done.

And lastly, a word on paid google ads. Those who pay Google get premium placement at the top of the search page, but we have found that most people’s brains know when they are being shown an ad and quickly scroll to the true results. Don’t be afraid to tackle SEO on your own. We promise it is easier than it seems and it will ultimately save you money. Simply google “how to SEO” on whatever website creation site you use, such as GoDaddy, Wix, or Word Press, and there will be lots of videos and step by step tutorials waiting for you.


2. Facebook

Facebook is the king of slowly leaching money out of small business owners. You pay ten dollars here, one hundred dollars there and it doesn’t seem like much, but it adds up. They promise cheap ads and deliver cheap results. Many Facebook ads are unsuccessful because, again, our minds know when something is an ad. It’s like a built in brain ad blocker. We are not on Facebook to see ads and we would guess most people feel similar. It is the wrong platform for paid advertising. With that being said, there are places on Facebook where people may want to learn more about your business for free. If you utilize posting to specific pages/groups such as local business group in the area, many people who are actually wanting to see you, will see you.


3. Commercials on Television or Youtube

Video media is considered one of the most effective forms of marketing if they are seen. They have a keen ability to develop an emotional connection, and it hits the majority of learners. The major caveat to videos is the price tag. They can be expensive to make and expensive to get onto the various platforms. Between Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Youtube, the number of people watching any given channel is forever dwindling so it can be hard to create momentum using this form of marketing.


4. Print Marketing/Direct Mail

Sending ads through the post office can be a phenomenal way to reach potential clients. By using mailing lists, it is easier to target demographics and get in the face of your desired customer. However, not all print marketing is created equal. If your ad ends up in the trash it was a waste of money. There are two main reasons that an ad would get thrown away. First, if the ad feels cheap, it is more likely to end up in the garbage without a thought. It is important that the type of direct mail you pick feels high quality so that there is a higher chance that it stays in the home. And if it is staying in the home, there is a higher chance of your ad being seen multiple times by the same person. Now that is branding. The other reason an ad would be thrown away is if it was not needed right in that second. This can be a harder thing to circumvent, but one way to over come it is to place yourself in a group of businesses such as those in a coupon magazine so that again your ad stays in the home longer. By far the best and most trustworthy print marketing company in the Colorado front range is Quality Connections Magazine. We show our customers proof of mailing and have a very high quality product that is a coffee table staple in the homes of many members of the community. We are highly effective and have helped numerous local businesses blossom in a competitive market.


We Are Here To Help You

If you have more questions or if you ever need help navigating the world of advertising local business, please feel free to reach out. We are here for you Colorado. Together we grow.



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